Janus Pannonius Museum, Pécs (H)
KOGART Collection, Budapest (H)
Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest (H)
Gallery of Modern Hungarian Art, Pécs (H)
King Saint Stephen Museum, Székesfehérvár (H)
Data System, Ettlingen (D)
Edwin Scharff Museum, Neu-Ulm (D)
Neue Galerie – Sammlung Ludwig, Aachen (D) Rathaus, Ulm (D)


A. (Róbert Alföldi) Collection, Budapest (H)
Braun Collection, owner: Sándor Barna, Budapest (H)
Deschler Collection, Ulm (D)
Haraszty Collection, Budapest (H)
Hoffmann Collection, Szentendre (H)
Reih Ágoston Collection, Budapest (H)
Szöllősi-Nagy-Nemes Collection, Paris-Budapest, (F), (H)
Varsányi Collection, Szeged (H)
Vass Collection, Veszprém-Budapest (H)
Völgyi-Skonda Collection, Budapest (H)
Hoffman Collection
Ágnes Szabó-László Ősi


András Feuer
András Szecskay
Anikó Für
Apolka Erős
Arnulf Schweitzer
Attila Leitner
Ádám Mata
Ágnes Szabó-László Ősi
Clarissa and Herman Weber
Csaba Rotter
Csilla Szabó
Dóra Ocsovai
Elisabeth Patrick
Gábor Mogyoródi
Gabriella Bach
György Gajzágó
György Somogyi
György Szántó
Ildikó Mester

Imola Mata
István Márkus
Judit Kiefer
Judith Deschler
Károly Horváth
Lajos Barabás
Manfred Lindinger
Mariann Menthy
Mihály Borsos, Art Salon Társalgó Gallery
Nándor Hérics
Peter Fetzer
Péter Don
Péter Keresztesi
Péter Klacsmann
Péter Simon
Rozália Blaskó
Sándor Mészáros
Tamás Szabó
Zoltán Kiss
Zsigmond Oláh
Zsófi Barabás
Zsófi Faur
Clarissa and Herman Weber
Dóra Ocsovai
Csaba Rotter
György Somogyi
Ildikó Mester
Judith Deschler
Károly Horváth
Lajos Barabás
Mariann Menthy

Attila Mata


’Without Viewers Sculptures Do Not Exist

I create sculptures because it’s the Viewer who really matters to me. My goal is to catch his/her attention and to inspire thought. I would like to invite him/her to take part in the creation of the artwork using his/her imagination.

I enjoy experimenting with forms and all kinds of materials. I am interested in ancient themes e.g. sex(uality), death, gods etc. In my artwork the human body is usually reduced to geometric forms and reorganized as geometric structures. I am also attracted to the extreme. If my theme is a god, it must be e.g. Golem with his brutal energy. I find some modern themes exciting, too: outer and inner surface of the form, how to use color – paint – on sculpture, design, the structure of the material and its effect on form, combining two kinds of materials on the same artwork. During my career I have used a lot of materials: wood, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, acrystal, in their natural and painted versions.’


06/02/1953 Born in Eger
1977-1983 Studied at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, his master: Tamás Vígh
1981 Member of the National Association of Hungarian Artists
1986 Member of the Studio of Young Artists
1993-1994 Secretary of the Sculpture Section of the Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists
1995-1997 President of the Hungarian Sculptor Society
2006 One of the foundation members of the Morph Group
2018 Member of the Matéria Art Association

Important Prizes
and Scholarships

2017-2019 2017-2019 Represented by Agora Gallery, New York (USA)
2009 2009 HUNGART Scholarship
1993 1993 3rd prize, 13th National Biennial of Small Sculpture, Pécs (H)
1992 1992 Munkácsy Mihály Prize
1987 1987 1st prize, 10th National Biennial of Small Sculpture, Pécs (H) Derkovits Niveau Prize
1986-1989 1986-1989 Derkovits Scholarship


2019 ’Feminae Metallicae’, Esernyős Gallery, Budapest (H) 
’Space-Matter’, pop-up, Art Salon Társalgó Gallery, Budapest (H)
2014 Pince Gallery of Józsefváros, Budapest (H)
2012 Hungart, Olof Palme House, Budapest (H)
2011 Mono Gallery, Budapest (H)
2010 G13 Gallery (with Judit Rita Rabóczky), Budapest (H)
National Theatre – Ziggurat Gallery, Budapest (H) 
Community Centre (with Márk Lelkes), Biatorbágy (H)
2009 Galleria 5, Helsinki (FIN)
Art Salon Társalgó Gallery, Budapest (H) 
Hungarian Institute, Tallin (ES)
2008 Bartók 32 Gallery, Budapest (H)
2007 Mono Gallery, Budapest (H)
2006 Ráday Gallery, Budapest (H)
Éva Skoda Gallery (with El Kazovsky), Budapest (H)
Grand Hotel, Budapest (H)
Erdős Renée House, Budapest (H)
2002 Vadnai Gallery, Budapest (H)
2001 Torony Gallery, Budapest (H)
Art’otel, Budapest (H)
1997 Vigadó Gallery, Budapest (H)
1994 Műcsarnok/Kunsthalle, Budapest (H)
1992 Danube Gallery (with Attila Orbán), Budapest (H)
1991 Kulturzentrum Künstlerbahnhof, Darmstadt (D)
1989 Ulmisches Theater, Ulm (D)
Cellar Gallery of Pécs, Pécs, (H)
1986 Pince Gallery of Óbuda, Budapest (H)
Újpest Gallery, Budapest (H)

Group Exhibitions, Fairs

2019 2019  Antik and Art Budapest, Art Fair and Exhibition, Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest (H)
Artexpo, New York, NY (USA)
2018 2018  ’MORPH’, Exhibition of the Morph Group, Műcsarnok/Kunsthalle, Budapest (H)
Spectrum Miami, Agora Gallery, New York, Miami (USA)
’Exhibition of the MMT (Matéria Art Association), Vaszary Gallery, Kaposvár (H)
’Lyrical abstraction’, Agora Gallery, New York, NY, (USA)
’Summer Group Show’, Onishi Gallery, New York, NY (USA)
Artexpo, Agora Gallery, New York, NY (USA)
2017 ’3D – 2017’, MANK Old Artists’ Colony in Szentendre (H)
Summer Exhibition, REÖK (Regional Arts Center), Szeged (H)
2016 ’Light, Color, Form – Polychrome Harmonies’, Modern Art Gallery, Veszprém (H)
2015 38th Summer Exhibition, Szeged (H)
’Here and Now / Fine Arts/ National Salon’, Műcsarnok/Kunsthalle, Budapest (H)
BIAB, 6th Beijing International Art Biennial, Beijing (CHN)
Quadriannale, Modern Art Gallery, Pécs (H)
2014 3rd Biennial of Sculpture, Art Mill, Szentendre (H)
2013 VOLTA9 (with Csaba Fürjesi), Léna & Roselli Gallery, Basel (CH)
2012 ’Sammler und Sammlung’, Ulmischer Museum, Ulm (D)
2011 ’Without Borders’, Contemporary Croatian Sculpture + Hungarian Reflections, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest (H)
Pentamorph, Gallery of the Artists’ Colony (Ferenczy Museum), Szentendre (H)
Exhibition of the Morph Group, Stroganov Academy, Moscow (RUS)
2010 ’Human Perspectives’, Exhibition of the Morph Group, REÖK (Regional Arts Center), Szeged (H)
2009 ’New Works in the KOGART Contemporary Collection’, Budapest (H)
Day of Painting, Ziggurat Gallery, Budapest (H)
2008 ’Selected Works from the Contemporary Collection of the Hungarian National Gallery’, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest (H)
Budapest Exhibition Hall of Budapest, History Museum (Budapest Gallery), exhibition of the Morph Group, Budapest (H)
2007 Wien Art Fair, Vienna (A)
’Expressionistic Tendencies in Hungarian Contemporary Art (1980-2007)’, Danubia – Muelensteen Art Museum, Bratislava (SK)
’Ungarisches Accent’, exhibition of the Morph Group, Hungarian Embassy, Berlin (D)
’Skulpturen der Gruppe Morph’, exhibition of the Morph Group, Collegium Hungaricum, Vienna (A)
2006 ’Path, 1956-2006’, Műcsarnok/Kunsthalle, Budapest (H)
MORPH (debut exhibition), Aulich Art Gallery, Budapest (H)